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Enforcement Officer and Bailiff Fraud

Please stay vigilant against fraudsters posing as enforcement officers and bailiffs, for more information please visit;


You can search these pages for all enforcement agents (previously called bailiffs) who hold a certificate which allows them to carry out enforcement action by taking control of goods and, if necessary, selling these to recover a debt. You can search by an enforcement agents name [...... etc......]

If you know of a serious conduct issue which would mean that an enforcement agent or officer listed on these pages is not a "fit and proper" person to hold a certificate, you may write to the court manager, at the named court, providing the reasons for this alongside supporting evidence.


To check the list of people who have applied for registration please click here

Approved Enforcement Agencies

An Approved Enforcement Agency (AEA) is a person or body approved by the Lord Chancellor, in accordance with s125B(2) Magistrates Court Act 1980 (as amended by Courts Act 2003), to execute warrants of arrest and control issued by the magistrates court in England and Wales for non payment of a criminal financial penalty or breach of a community penalty order.

The Lord Chancellor must maintain a register containing the names of all persons and bodies approved by him and must make arrangements for making the register available for inspection.

The contracts for Approved Enforcement Agency Services have been awarded to:

1. Compliant Data-Led Engagements & Resolutions (CDER) Group for Primary Services in HMCTS Regions - London, South East and the Midlands and Secondary Services in North East, North West, South West and Wales

2. Marston Holdings for Primary Services in HMCTS Regions - North East, North West and the South West and Secondary Services in London, South East and the Midlands

3. Jacobs Enforcement for Primary Services in HMCTS Region - Wales

Search Results

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Title Forename Surname Court Granted Expires Employer
Charles Braven Liverpool Civil and Family Court 03/05/2023 02/05/2025 Jacobs
Irwin Mark Bray Dartford County Court 10/04/2024 09/04/2026 CDER Group
Neville Shaun Breading Brighton County Court 01/12/2023 11/12/2025 Equita Ltd
Robert Leon Brearley Burnley Combined Court Centre 09/06/2023 08/06/2025 Marston Holdings
Stephanie Rachel Brennan Burnley Combined Court Centre 10/01/2024 09/01/2026 Marston Holdings
James Edward Brereton Bristol County Court 02/03/2023 01/03/2025 High Court Enforcement Group Ltd
Simon Lee Karle Bridgeman Hertford County Court 26/07/2023 25/07/2025 Luton Borough Council
Harrison Bridges Worcester Combined Court 17/04/2024 16/04/2026 Bristow & Sutor
Joseph Paul Bridges Dartford County Court 28/02/2024 27/02/2026 Marston Holdings
Shelley Jade Bridges Hertford County Court 30/01/2023 29/01/2025 Marston Holdings
Jason Bridgewood Worcester Combined Court 04/09/2023 03/09/2025 Bristow & Sutor
Richard Charles Bridgewood Worcester Combined Court 14/11/2022 13/11/2024 Bristow & Sutor
Joseph Thomas Briggs York County Court 24/05/2024 23/05/2026 Sheffield City Council
Gary Kenneth Bright Hertford County Court 14/12/2022 13/12/2024 Marston Holdings
Jamie Michael Brimmer Hertford County Court 11/01/2023 10/01/2025 Marston Group
Shaun Andrew Brislen Liverpool Civil and Family Court 06/03/2023 05/03/2025 Marston Holdings
Trevor Broadbent Dartford County Court 18/03/2023 17/03/2025 Whyte & Co
John Martin Brook Burnley Combined Court Centre 17/08/2023 25/07/2025 Marston Holdings
Stuart James Brookes Norwich Combined Court Centre 20/09/2023 19/09/2025 CDER Group
Stuart Neil Broom Dartford County Court 03/05/2023 02/05/2025 self employed

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