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Enforcement Officer and Bailiff Fraud

Please stay vigilant against fraudsters posing as enforcement officers and bailiffs, for more information please visit;


You can search these pages for all individuals who have made an application to the county court for a certificate which, if granted, will allow them to carry out enforcement action by taking control of goods and, if necessary, selling them to recover a debt. These pages also show details of all existing enforcement agents who have applied to re-new their currant certificate. You can search by an applicant's name [....etc.....].

If you know of a serious conduct issue which would mean that an individual listed on these pages is not a "fit and proper" person to be granted a certificate, you may write to the court manager at the named court, providing reasons with supporting evidence they a certificate should not be granted. If you wish this information to be considered at the application hearing, you must ensure this information is provided to the court no later than the day before the allocated hearing date.


To check the list of registered Bailiffs please click here

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Title Forename Surname Court Hearing Date Employer
Agnieszka Oliwczynska Central London County Court 08/12/2022 Newlyn Plc
Patrick Owen Hertford County Court 30/11/2022 Marston Holdings
Matthew Philip Padgett Northampton Combined Court 05/01/2023 Equita Ltd
Martin Marinov Paunov Worcester Combined Court 05/12/2022 Bristow & Sutor
Ricky Lee Pearce Dartford County Court 13/01/2023 Onesource Enforcement
Timothy Pearman Worcester Combined Court 10/01/2023 Bristow & Sutor
David Reid-Williams Norwich Combined Court Centre 11/01/2023 Marston Holdings
Matthew John Reynolds Dartford County Court 27/01/2023 Marston Holdings
Cameron James Richards Dartford County Court 24/11/2022 A M Enforcement Ltd
Josh Robinson Kingston-upon-Hull Combined Court Centre 06/12/2022
Neil Rockliffe Hertford County Court 11/01/2023 Cder Group
Travis Pierre Martin Rogers Dartford County Court 08/12/2022 Marston Holdings
Mickey James Rocky Rutherford Dartford County Court 06/01/2023 Self Employed
Martin Leslie Rutt Worcester Combined Court 20/12/2022 Bristow & Sutor
Grant Rynn Worcester Combined Court 28/11/2022 Bristow & Sutor
Mohamed Abdus Salam Dartford County Court 24/01/2023 Cder Group
Benjamin Peter Ronald Sampson Bristol County Court 13/12/2022 Equita Ltd
Nico Andre Scarlett-Brooks Dartford County Court 09/12/2022 Marston Holdings
Shane Kelly Senior Wrexham County Court 24/11/2022 Marston Holdings
Ahmed Shehu Dartford County Court 11/01/2023 Marston Holdings

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